Friday, 29 May 2015

Ariana Grande Concert!

Exactly a week ago, I went to my first Ariana Grande concert. Yes, I know, it was only a week after the 5SOS concert, but they were both my christmas presents!
This was the first time that I've travelled to Oslo and been anxious about it. I don't really know why. Maybe it was because I was going to the concert alone and I didn't have a seat to sit in at the concert, I was standing.
My mom was traveling with me this time, on the train, but she was going to stay at the hotel during the concert and I had to be outside.
The weather was terrible, it was so cold and it was raining and the wind was horrible, which made it even colder than it needed to be.
After about two hours of waiting we finally got into the venue, and I didn't have that terrible spot in the crowd, I was actually very lucky with my spot.
We waited a couple of minutes before the opening band started playing. I didn't know that it was Rixton that was opening for Ariana, and as a fan, I freaked out! Well, probably more than the other ones in the crowd, which made me look like a lunatic, but hey; it's a concert after all!
We waited for maybe a half hour before Ariana got on stage.
It was fun, for the first song(Bang Bang)... and that's it...
I was very disappointed by the audience! Almost no one sang along to the songs, and they screamed only after the songs or when we were told to... People in the seats sat down for the whole concert, but the only positive part about that the crowd didn't dance or sing, the people on the floors(including me) didn't get crushed by other people.  
Ariana was amazing, but the crowd could've made a little more noise... It was like the security guards had a more fun time than the actual audience.
So we ruined the chance for her to come back to Norway, that's for sure! 
Anyway it wasn't a too bad experience, it was quite fun. (And there was a hot security guard standing pretty close to me, I don't complain about that!)
Thanks for reading this post! If you have seen Ariana in other places of the world, please tell me how it was! I would love to hear from you!
xoxo Josey!