Thursday, 30 April 2015

Gryffindor house pride! || In London || Part 3

Just going to continue the story of our trip to the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour.
So, after we had left the Great Hall, we got led into a new big room which had all of the other sets, like the Gryffindor dormitory, the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore's office, the potion classroom, Hagrid's hut, Weasley's house(the kitchen) and some Death Eater stuff; as well as many more costumes and props.
I just really loved all the details and everything that was set up! It all looked very cool, and I just wanted to hide somewhere in there so that I could live on the sets!(Ok, maybe not, I can imagine how creepy it would get there at night...)

We also got to see Dolores Umbridge's "Office"(it was really just a desk and a wall) and her clothes, and stuff like the Yule Ball decorations and, yes, you guessed it, more costumes!

And a few props.(Sorry, I won't be writing this much or working that much with this blogpost, it's very hard to find the pictures I'm looking for since none of my pictures would get in the right place when I converted them to my pc...)

(A little bit of quidditch costumes, since I was able to find it in the mess of pictures I have)

(Jupp, it says Malfoy)
And that's it for this post I think, sorry not much writing, but a lot of pictures instead. Hope that's ok! I will write the next part as soon as possible! I have a lot to do this weekend, but I'll do my best!
xoxo Josey

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Harry Potter WB Studio Tour || In London || Part 2

I don't know how many posts I'm gonna make about this trip, but probably another one, maybe even a fourth one as well...
Anyway, when we arrived and we could see the building it was a pretty good start for my fangirling and teary eyes. (Just kidding, I didn't cry.) We got out of the bus and got our tickets(mine had a madrake on it), and then it was time to walk into the magical place that was the WB studio tour.
(I have to say though, sorry about my face, I didn't wear any makeup that day.)
When we got inside there was many pictures up on the walls, and they were very beautiful, it was the first time that day that I properly fangirled...(yes, over pictures... I know, I'm crazy...)
(Ingvild's favorite character)

(My favorite character ^^)
Next to the line we were waiting in to go inside and start the tour, there was, I think, the smallest sets of all of the sets that were made for the movies.(correct me if I'm wrong!)
Just skipping a bit forward....
We got pressed into a room to watch a video, and then we got pressed into a cinema to watch another video, and then... the exciting bit comes...
When the video was finished the screen rolled up and we saw two HUUUUGE doors in front of us, and if you have seen the Harry Potter movies, you know that those were the doors to the Great Hall! (Omg, I know right?!)
Didn't get a picture of the door because we were at the back of the room. Sadly we didn't get much time in the Great Hall because there was an other group coming very soon after us, but we DID get to see some very cool details and costumes!

Ok! That's it for this blogpost, I hope you'll stick around for the next few blogposts about this trip, if you are a Harry Potter fan.
xoxo Josey

Monday, 27 April 2015

Milkshakes and missing the Harry Potter bus || In London || Part 1

A little bit over a week ago I was in England with my best friend Ingvild and my dad. We had a great time (despite the fact that I got really allergic on the Sunday). 
We managed to actually get tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour after all(thanks to a lovely thing called Google), and we were going there on Saturday.
 On the ticket that I got we had the address for where we were going to take the buss from(which was some place in Victoria, London) and I had earlier seen that a Harry Potter themed bus had left from the same place where we would take the bus to Stansted Airport. So naturally, I thought I knew where the bus would go from.
We had about three hours in Victoria before the bus was leaving so we thought we would just go and have something to eat and go shopping in the meantime.
We went to this really cool 50's diner at Victoria Place(I think that was what it was called) where me and Ingvild had milkshakes and my dad had a hot chocolate. And trust me when I say this, the milkshakes were NOT small. (it was enough for THREE milkshakes in one of those tin things)
Also, I forgot to tell you, when we had arrived in London with the bus from the airport, it CRASHED into the Harry Potter bus which was parked on one of the sides.
Anyway, when two and a half hour had passed, we decided to go back to the bus station and stand in line to the bus. When we got there I noticed something that did not look right...
There was a sign there which said Golden Tours(and we had Evan Evans), but I didn't think much of it, because it DID say Victoria on our ticket, so I thought it was the same.
When the time was 12:55 they started to let people on the bus and check their tickets. When Ingvild and me was going on the bus the lady told us that we were on the wrong place and my heart dropped to my stomach.
We were at the wrong place and it was FIVE MINUTES until the bus would leave. Of course I started to panic.
Me and Ingvild ran out from the bus station and outside. Across the street there was a different bus station, and we ran inside and up to a info desk where two workers looked weird at both of us (since the temperature was about 16 celsius and we were both in our Hogwarts School uniforms, and I was also wearing a giant black poncho-looking thing)
One of the workers told us that the busses for Harry Potter WB studio tour did not leave from there, only in the morning.
Now the time was 12:59 and it was one minute left...
Me and Ingvild ran outside again, and we did not know where to look anymore so we ran up to some people who told us where to find it. By the time they were done talking the time was 13:05, and I knew we had missed the bus.
I seriously wanted to cry(don't laugh!), I was so tired and warm after all the running. Ingvild, on the other hand did not want to give up just yet.
While we were walking/running towards the place where the bus had left, Ingvild called Evan Evans tours and asked them if it was possible to get picked up at a different place.
Which the kind woman(I think it was a woman) told us that we could.
We got a taxi to a fancy hotel and waited there for a few minutes until a lady came in the lobby and asked for the people who were going on the Harry Potter WB studio tour.
We got on the bus and were so happy that we ACTUALLY made it.
I will be posting more about this trip later.
xoxo Josey