Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Harry Potter WB Studio Tour || In London || Part 2

I don't know how many posts I'm gonna make about this trip, but probably another one, maybe even a fourth one as well...
Anyway, when we arrived and we could see the building it was a pretty good start for my fangirling and teary eyes. (Just kidding, I didn't cry.) We got out of the bus and got our tickets(mine had a madrake on it), and then it was time to walk into the magical place that was the WB studio tour.
(I have to say though, sorry about my face, I didn't wear any makeup that day.)
When we got inside there was many pictures up on the walls, and they were very beautiful, it was the first time that day that I properly fangirled...(yes, over pictures... I know, I'm crazy...)
(Ingvild's favorite character)

(My favorite character ^^)
Next to the line we were waiting in to go inside and start the tour, there was, I think, the smallest sets of all of the sets that were made for the movies.(correct me if I'm wrong!)
Just skipping a bit forward....
We got pressed into a room to watch a video, and then we got pressed into a cinema to watch another video, and then... the exciting bit comes...
When the video was finished the screen rolled up and we saw two HUUUUGE doors in front of us, and if you have seen the Harry Potter movies, you know that those were the doors to the Great Hall! (Omg, I know right?!)
Didn't get a picture of the door because we were at the back of the room. Sadly we didn't get much time in the Great Hall because there was an other group coming very soon after us, but we DID get to see some very cool details and costumes!

Ok! That's it for this blogpost, I hope you'll stick around for the next few blogposts about this trip, if you are a Harry Potter fan.
xoxo Josey