Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hello Autumn/Fall!

It's fall y'all! YAY, my favorite time of the year is here(well, I do like summer...)! I have been so excited for autumn/fall this year, I don't know why. If you follow me on tumblr you would've known that I've been excited... (I have might reblogged a lot of stuff related fall/Autumn the past weeks)
What I like about this season is the fashion, the colors and nature changing(especially the last one). I get to wear knitted sweaters, knee socks, boots and scarfs; and it's not too cold or too hot outside.
An other thing I like about this time of year is the rainy days. I can just snuggle up with a blanket and watch a tv-series, read a book and drink hot drinks. It just makes me really happy!
One more thing, there is a hedgehog living in our garden, and that makes me especially happy!
Since I'm not American or British(or anything like that) I don't know what to call this time of year in English... If I should use the word autumn or fall when I write. Sometimes I write autumn and sometimes I write fall, even though I use American English, I like the word autumn better than fall. Is it ok to write autumn even though I write American English? Or is that like a rule I can't break?
I've gone on way too long than what I thought I would, so I'll just end the blogpost here.
Hope you all have a happy autumn/fall!
xoxo Josey